A Simple Favor (2018) Review

 A Simple Favor is based on the best selling book by Darcey Bell and is currently available on Amazon for purchase. I do recommend NOT reading the book before the movie. You never know what direction the film takes that is outside of the author's pages. I...
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Portrait of a Fan: Christine

I've been blessed to meet many people throughout my life in various fandoms. From Xena, Star Trek, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, and Wynonna Earp - the one thing has been a constant for me - passionate, honest and loving fans. It's this train of thought that made me...
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Peppermint (2018) Review

Let's just get this out of the way, Peppermint is NOT a movie to bring your children to. It is NOT a film if you are looking for deep-rooted storylines and thoughtful prose. It IS a movie to go see if you want to be entertained. It IS a movie that moves by...
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Ruby Rose is CW’s Batwoman

The CW has chosen their Batwoman in the form of Austrailian model turned actress, Ruby Rose. The Orange is the New Black, Meg and Resident Evil actress will portray Kate Kane in the in-development series. If you can't wait that long to see how everything will shake...
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Carole King Surprises Melissa Benoist in Beautiful on Broadway

Melissa Benoist joined the cast of Beautiful from June 7th until August 4th in 2018. During that time, the word around town was simple - Melissa Benoist was killing it. Now, my wife and I watch Supergirl, so going to see the woman of steel herself was a no-brainer. We...
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Why We Cruise…

Living in the United States, the idea of traveling consists of packing up the car and driving...

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