Yes, this seems to be the year of the reboots! Some have worked well, we’re looking at you Will & Grace, but one has to wonder when enough is enough. Backlash happens frequently when dealing with the interwebs and fan favorite shows or films – for reference point look at Ghostbusters (2016) Maybe it was sexism… okay it was a LOT of that, but people also love what they love. And Charmed is not an exception to this rule. The show really was a campy, cult classic that followed three sisters through ups and downs of regular life. Oh and they were witches who fought demons, were the chosen ones and could communicate with their dead family members. There were onset gossip drama and other crap that made the show more real. Like Beverly Hills 90210, it was a quintessential show for its time. Even the actresses have chimed in via Twitter with their opinions. Now, it’s getting a fresh new take, new cast, new look and I’m torn.

Marketing… A New Feminist Take? What?

If you were ever a fan of the show, you know the story. This is a bit of a shakeup and there are some aspects I do like, but the marketing leaves something to be desired. The biggest problem is calling it a new feminist take. I watched all eight seasons and there were some episodes that were just silly but some were downright powerful. You had three women who fought for others, stood up against powers greater than them and one gave her life for the greater good. If that’s not being a feminist or a strong female show, I don’t know what is.

Casting & The Originals

I loved the original cast, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano and Shannon Doherty were the gift that kept giving. When Prue was killed off the show, for whatever reason it really doesn’t matter, I was concerned. Who could fill those shoes? Well, Rose McGowan did. She came into a situation and made the fans see Paige, not as a Prue fill in but as a new, unique character. I will also say I am a bit of a McGowan fan of her projects and talents as a creator but also her strength as a human being. Follow her social media, and you will see what I mean. To repeat point one, to say the new reboot takes on what the original strong cast did is not only unfair but in some ways unjust. This new cast and crew will have to prove that they can get fans to see beyond the originals and make it their own. That might take time.

An LGBT Character

A lesbian character… before I hear about all the Gay Agenda crap, think before you comment. The LGBTQ community is not that small. If you wish to refer to them a minority with only 4.5% of the population as of 2017 according to a Gallop poll – that is still a LOT of people (around 14 million if the calculator I found online is accurate LOL). This country is and always will be a melting pot of colors, religions, gender, and orientation. If you do not like it or wish to berate it, change the damn channel. Same goes for the battle of interracial couples. This is a representation of society in the real world. If you don’t see it in your world, that’s okay. No one is asking you to watch. Just like every television show or movie or theater play has heterosexual couples, I can change the channel. We have a choice, and choosing to yell or scream or comment voraciously about hell, damnation or the agenda of the liberals says more about you than the show.

After saying all that, why am I concerned about a lesbian character then… well, because it is on the CW? Let’s be honest, they don’t have the best track record with characters not dying after bringing up a season finale appearance for example. Due to that backlash, we now have ClexaCon. Supergirl is another great example. We were given a heads up that Floriana Lima had planned on leaving the show in the middle of Season 3. Somehow #Sanvers was coming to an end. That was fine, but the marketing, teasing and the lazy writing cheapened a wonderful coming out story. I watched it and was silent. They broke up over children, the same tired old trope that was used in Grey’s Anatomy and many others. She didn’t die, but she also never came back. Even as Alex was infected by petulance and could die, Maggie was nowhere to be seen.

The CW has literally made the community jump for joy when an LGBTQ character doesn’t die. Think about that. We expect them to handle our community poorly. Until they prove otherwise, I am cautiously optimistic. They gave Sara Lance on Legends of Tomorrow a girlfriend Ava Sharpe or AKA #Avalance – she didn’t die and the actress is now a series regular. Maybe there’s hope… but I remain steadfast in my hesitance. I have faith in Emily Andras and she isn’t running any of these shows.

Final Thoughts

Look, you don’t have to watch, you don’t have to pay attention to or even try to like it. I will give it the benefit of the doubt because if the LGBTQ community wants more content, it has to support content with LGBTQ characters in it. I will also give it a shot out of sheer nostalgia. What I won’t do is bash the show itself before I see it. I will tell you the marketing sucks and makes me a wee bit frustrated, but that is not the talents fault. I blame the marketing department for that. They should know better. Consider this their one and only get out of jail free card.