Another SDCC is upon us and so far it has been a bit quiet. Sure, there have been a few surprises for fans but without Marvel there to blow the roof off it feels as if the information isn’t leaking as much. In my humble opinion, Saturday is usually the biggest day of panels. That could mean a lot of new clips, trailers or announcements #WynnonaEarp Season 4 by chance? Either way we look at it, the convention is ready for DC to take a stand and show its teeth. The question I have for them is can they execute it? We all loved the announcement of Batman VS Superman, but the film left something to be desired.

The CW issued a few tidbits about their DC lineup this fall. One of the bigger talking points in the annual crossover event. This year Legends of Tomorrow is NOT being included. I’m not sure why the highest rated show out of all of them is being sidelined, but there has to be some kind of explanation. If anyone knows it, heard rumors or what not – shoot an email over here. We’d love to know. Personally, I want LoT to be a part of it. The writers have proven they can handle the larger cast and introductions of new characters. If the powers that be want to add Black LIghtning that’s great – but there’s no reason to remove one for another. It leaves fans of the already established universe feeling a bit jaded. Unless of course, they’re afraid to put Sara Lance in the same room with Alex Danvers again… just saying.

A new trailer for the main shows was tweeted out recently… pay attention to the end. I’ll be blogging about that tidbit soon. I promise. Let’s just say that the last few seconds makes me rather excited to tune in. If you read my Charmed post though, you’ll also know why I’m cautiously optimistic.


UPDATE: TVLine sat down with the Legends of Tomorrow to discuss season 4 and their absence in the crossover event. I understand Caity Lotz’s valid points… but I’m more of a LoT and Supergirl fan over Arrow and Flash (I haven’t watched Black Lightning yet). The loss of LoT in the event is a bit annoying. Hopefully, they do some character crossovers like Caity suggested… maybe with the new lady of Gotham.