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Welcome to the first post on Kimmie’s Corner where my wife Sheila and I plan on writing...

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Updates & News!

Hello, internet world! My apologies for being away for so long. I’ve been wanting to blog more frequently, but sadly that has not been going the way I wanted it to.

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Gay Marriage : Where Freedom & Religion Don’t Meet…

I went to Catholic School from pre-k all the way to a senior in high school. Every religion class I attended, every homily I heard, every word that came out of an older person’s mouth was always the same – God is love. The point is, love between consenting adults is good.

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Choices, Decisions & Being an Adult

I’m sure everyone has those moments… the ones where you sit back in your chair and question what the hell has happened to your life? You know the one where Person X has gotten to Point B and you haven’t… and you work just as hard and you fight just as much. Yet, you stare ahead at what feels like the unobtainable and you wonder “Why am I not there?”

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Loss, Grief & Guilt: Letting Go of My Angel

My friend said to me that when we adopt animals we never think about the eventual decisions we have to make on their behalf. In 1998, my mom called me out to her car and said she had a package in the front seat. What I found on the front seat was a sleeping, as small as my left hand, snoring lightly – Pug.

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