I’ve been blessed to meet many people throughout my life in various fandoms. From Xena, Star Trek, Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect, and Wynonna Earp – the one thing has been a constant for me – passionate, honest and loving fans. It’s this train of thought that made me reach out to our 1st Portrait of a Fan: Christine! She’s funny, witty and keeps me on my toes. She’s become a friend beyond the fandom and I am honored to share her portrait with the world.


Christine wearing one of my wife’s favorite shirts Speedy Gonzalez!

Name: Christine

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

Tell KC About Yourself:
What is there to tell? I am just a girl who fell in love with a television show (Wynonna Earp). In the daytime, I run a spine surgery practice. I am married with three doggie children. I love sports, crime shows, being social, and enjoying life one day at a time.

Chosen Fandoms & Ships:
I have only been part of one fandom, the Wynonna Earp fandom. A show has never spoken to me the way WE has. I think it is a combo of the show, the writers, the cast and the Earpers. From the beginning, I have been all in.

I ship WynDoc, WayHaught, and Clexa from The 100.

Chosen Games & Systems to Play:
Gosh, I don’t really play any games or systems but I just recently received an original Nintendo and I have been playing all those games all over again. It is been a lot of fun.

Favorite Convention Story? If you have never been to one, which would you go to and why?
The first con I ever went to was Baltimore Comic-Con last year for 2 reasons, 1) it was local and I was curious and 2) Lora Innes, who draws for the WE comic was going to be there and I wanted to meet her.

But, I really went all in on a WE related con in August called EHCon Canada. I spent a week in Canada and an entire weekend just for the con.

My two favorite convention story comes from there…I got to give Emily Andras, showrunner for WE, a gift and when I did she actually teared up and said I gave her chills. I mean, little ole me elicited feeling from someone who probably meets thousands of people throughout the year. I doubt she will actually remember this moment but I will remember it forever…

The 2nd one I didn’t even know got captured. I was at the cast Meet and Greet and sitting next to Kat Barrell, Nicole Haught on WE, and before she left the table I was able to tell her what her Clexacon speech about feeling sad and disappointed for the older members of the LGBTQIA community who didn’t have access to representation the way people do now. I gave her a hug and she thanked me for letting her know that. What I didn’t know is the EHCon photographer captured that moment on film and it was placed on the EHCon website. You can totally see that what I was saying to Kat mattered and that mattered to me.

What does fandom mean to you?
You know, I have pondered that question a lot over the past month. What I thought fandom meant a month ago is different than what I think about it now. That is the point, fandom can mean one thing one minute and one the next. It isn’t confined to a single definition or expectation. That is what fandom means to me. The ability to use it the way you need to on any given day.

Social Media:
I am @tacocarebear on Twitter. That is it.

Anything Else You Want to Share?
Thank you for doing something like this. It is important to see everyone in a fandom. Doing these portraits will accomplish that.


Thank you so much to Christine for being part of our Portrait of a Fan series! If you want to be featured here – contact us and let us know.

**Note: Please remember Kimmie’s Corner is a safe place. Please do not use fans social media accounts in a negative way. There is enough hatred in this world already, we’re all about acceptance here.**

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