Hello, internet world! My apologies for being away for so long. I’ve been wanting to blog more frequently, but sadly that has not been going the way I wanted it to. I’ve been dealing with two serious problems with my right arm for a bit now. My shoulder is a mess and my elbow isn’t much better. I have numbness in my ring and pinky fingers.

What does that mean? Well, it means I get significant pain when I type away on the keyboard. That coupled by the numbness, could be permanent if I don’t take care of myself. Which leads me to what I have started to put in play:


  1. Steele Resolve: Getting a page one rewrite. My marketing team wanted me to revisit the first book and clean it up. I’m in the process of doing that as I dictate this blog.
  2. Podcasts: To make things easier on my arm and actually answer the questions people have asked me – I am going to be recording a simple podcast and posting as often as possible.
  3. Surgery: This is not something I am looking forward to, but sadly it is a must do. My should has gotten so bad recently that I cannot put it off any longer. I hope it won’t be a serious reconstruction, but the doctor won’t fully know the extent of the damage until he’s in the joint. I’m hoping for a simple fix and a fast recovery.
  4. Cold Steele: I am currently working on book four of the Steele Series! However, due to the page one rewrite of book one and the surgery happening on 9/19 – it is on the back burner for a little bit. Once I can sit at my desk with no pain, and finish the rewrite, I will be back working on Steele part 4.
  5. Enemy: Several people have asked me about my new stand-alone book titled Enemy. I am working on it. I had to stop writing it for various deadlines, but I also wanted to work out the storyline a bit more in my head. I’ve got the charts all organized now and the story will flow better once I can get back at it.

That’s about it on this front for now. As always PLEASE email with questions, comments etc. I’ll try to answer them as fast as I can and in a podcast if I need to.

Just remember to be kind to one another and have an amazing day!

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