Wake Up Call

Sometimes mistakes can be a massive WAKE UP CALL. We writers suffer from them all the time.

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Updates & News!

Hello, internet world! My apologies for being away for so long. I’ve been wanting to blog more frequently, but sadly that has not been going the way I wanted it to.

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Self-Publishing a Book is HOW MUCH??

Self-Publishing a book is a great thing, a great accomplishment and it is riddled with fears that I never thought I would ever come across. You actually have to put your thoughts into a format that people can actually follow – that in and of itself is HUGE… but then there is the idea of releasing it to the everyday person… to someone willing to pay for it… that is a GULP moment

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Steps Taken To Write & Get It Out There

Previously, I wrote about writing a novel and what you do with it when it’s done. Well, I do write a lot but more screenplays, teleplays etc – I’ve only got one novel under my belt at this moment in time. I have been grilled and asked religiously “What the hell do I do to get this out there?”

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You Wrote Something… Now Self Publish?

The question is what the heck do you do with all of this crap when you’re done? Hopefully, the answer is SELL IT – PRODUCE IT – FILM IT. In my experience, each item has different avenues you can take to try and get your project off the ground.

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Submissions & Questions

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