Earpers around the world are doing a dance of joy this week. First off, we just started the beginning of Season 3 with a puff of pink sexy fog and everyone’s middle name being Pamela. Secondly, IDW has given us Season 4. Announced Saturday at the Wynonna Earp panel, fans were excited – just a little bit LOL. The video before the panel talking about the fans was a wonderful treat. Then the screen illuminated with Funko in 2019 – insert happy screams. Then SEASON 4 gets announced. The videos I’ve seen show a happy crowd and a proud cast & crew. I was out all evening at an event when the panel began. Once I was home, I scoured the internet for video clips of the panel. I haven’t found any yet of the full one but this clip made me scream happy thoughts and one expletive. I haven’t been this into a show since Xena: Warrior Princess and part of me is a wee bit embarrassed considering my age…. then I get over it.

HUGE THANKS to GBLOOM for posting the clip above. SYFYWire covered the panel release as well. Check out their report.